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The Open University and Uber Eats

Delivering on opportunity

Uber Eats and The Open University are partnering to help couriers or a family member reach their education goals.

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100% tuition coverage

100% tuition coverage

Diamond or an eligible family member will have access to a fully funded undergraduate degree-level course. Online learning might be different to how you’ve studied in the past. With OU distance learning, you’ll have study materials, an online study portal, a dedicated tutor, student forums, learning events and more.

Before you check your eligibility, take a look at what the OU can offer you. Choose from hundreds of qualifications and modules. You can also speak to an adviser to find out more

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Flexible education for you and your family

Being able to work and learn flexibly is an essential part of unlocking economic opportunity. Open University courses are delivered online and are designed to be flexible around your schedule, so you can choose to study when and where you like and at a pace that suits you.

We know how your family is important to you, and we want to provide your family members with access to the same opportunities.

So you can choose to transfer this offer of a fully-funded undergraduate degree course to one family member.

Are you eligible?

Access to The Open University comes as a benefit to you in the Uber Pro customer loyalty program. If you are enrolled in the Uber Pro program, and have Diamond status, then this benefit is available to you.

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Uber Eats Pro status

You must be enrolled in the Uber Eats programme and have achieved Diamond status.

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Lifetime Deliveries

You must have completed 1,000 deliveries on the Uber Eats platform.

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A Family Member

You have the option to transfer this reward to one eligible family member.

Click the button below to check your eligibility for 100% tuition coverage and register for study with the OU.

Please don’t register on the OU website.

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Free courses for all

There are nearly 1000 courses on OpenLearn, all of which are currently free to study. Courses have been proven to increase confidence and develop the skills needed to enter Higher Education and succeed with learning.

You can choose an OpenLearn course from a wide range of subjects. Some are based on Open University degree course materials, and others are written specifically for OpenLearn.

Your questions answered

Who is eligible for 100% tuition coverage?

Couriers who have achieved Diamond status through the Uber Eats Pro programme in the UK, and have completed 1,000 or more lifetime deliveries are eligible to receive full tuition coverage for online courses at The Open University. Qualifying couriers have the option to transfer this reward to an eligible family member, including a spouse or domestic partner, child or dependent, sibling, or parent or legal guardian.

*UberPro is made available at Uber’s discretion and Uber may change or cancel UberPro at any time. 

Is my family member eligible?

To help the people you care about most pursue their dreams, qualified couriers can transfer the reward to a family member. You and your family will not have to pay any tuition cost for that family member. Family members include:


  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Child
  • Sibling
  • Dependent
  • Parent or legal guardian
Can I nominate more than one family member?

No, only one family member is allowed to be nominated by a courier.

Do I need to go through the eligibility check again if I am a continuing student?

As your Uber Pro Diamond status is checked every 3 months, as there are 4 eligibility points during the year i.e. January – March, April – June, July – September and October – December, you need to go through the eligibility check each time you want to register for a new module. The same applies to any nominated family members.

How does tuition coverage work?

This is not a student loan or a reimbursement; your tuition is fully covered, upfront, by Uber.

Qualified couriers or their family member must be eligible at the time of application for a module.

An Eligible courier or a family member can register for one module or one short course at a time. When they have completed the module or short course, they can register for another one. Uber will once again cover the full tuition cost if the courier or a family member is eligible at the time of registration.

Qualified couriers or their eligible family members are responsible for paying for any additional costs they might incur.

What happens if I lose my Uber Eats Pro status?

If a courier loses their Uber Eats Pro Diamond status during the study, Uber Eats will still cover the cost of the module. However, unless the courier regains their status before applying for a new module, s/he will not be eligible to register for a new free module or course.

The same applies to any nominated family members. If the courier that has nominated the family member loses their status, the family member will not be able to register for a new free module until the courier has regained their Uber Eats Pro Diamond status.

If I lose my Uber Eats Pro status, can I continue my studies with the OU?

Yes, you can.  However, you will need to provide an alternative method of payment to cover the module fees.

Can I create an OU Student record before I check my eligibility?

Yes. You need to ensure that the intended student (courier or family member) has a student record which can be set up before the courier checks their eligibility for funding. This will not commit the student to studying with the Open University.

To do this, the student needs to contact Student Recruitment via phone or webchat. They will need to provide various details including their name, address, Date or Birth, e-mail address and nationality. Once a record has been created, the student will be issued with a Personal Identifier (PI) number which they must quote every time they contact us.

The student will need to indicate to the adviser that they are an Uber Eats student.

Will I be issued with an Open University Computer Username (OUCU)?

Yes, you will.  This will normally be created when your OU student record is created.  You will receive a separate e-mail providing details of your OUCU and temporary password.

Your OUCU will give you access to your Student Home, which will be your main access point to any communications we send to you as well as to qualification and module websites for your study.

Can I count credit I have studied elsewhere towards an Open University qualification?

Yes, you can.  However, what you can count and how much credit you can be awarded will depend on what you have previously studied in relation to your chosen qualification.  You need to check this out before you register on a qualification with us as it could affect your module choice.  More information can be found here –

How do I register on an undergraduate qualification?

Before you decide on the qualification you want to study, we strongly recommend that you look at our website and speak to an adviser about what study with the OU entails.  You can also discuss which qualifications are right for you, what start dates are on offer and a bit more about the modules that count towards the qualification.  You can liaise with an adviser by phone or web chat. 

Registering on a qualification does not commit you to studying with the Open University or paying any fees as tuition fees are linked to our modules. Therefore, following discussions with an adviser, you can request to be registered onto your chosen undergraduate qualification, which can be actioned over the phone or webchat.  The adviser can also create an OU student record for you at the same time and issue you with an OU Personal Identifier (PI) number.

After you are registered on your chosen qualification, you need to inform the adviser that you are an Uber Eats student as an individual module reservation must not be made for you at this time.

How do I register on a module?

If you haven’t done so already, we strongly recommend that you look at our website and speak to an adviser about your qualification and module choice.  This will provide you with information on the order in which modules should be studied for your chosen qualification as well as module start dates and final registration dates. 

Next, you will need to check your eligibility for a free module using the links above.  If you are eligible, an e-mail will be sent to one of our teams who will send you a registration agreement.  The e-mail will provide details of how to complete it and where to send it after completion.  Once we have received your completed registration agreement, we will process your registration and you will receive a Confirmation of Registration e-mail.

When do registration dates open and close?

Registrations are now open for courses starting in February and April 2023. To apply, your eligibility checks must be completed by the date below:

  • February 2023 modules: 23rd December 2022
  • April 2023 modules: 16th February 2023
What if I need to change my module start date?

If you find that the start date you are registered on is no longer suitable either before or after module start date, you need to contact us to discuss study options.  You also need to refer to Changing your study plan information found here –

Couriers or an eligible family member now have access to flexible education with 100% tuition coverage.

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Couriers eligible family members now have access to flexible education with 100% tuition coverage

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